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Hunters are a humanoid race created and owned by Roke Eagle himself. Hunters are somewhat similar to humans but are a bit different and are tougher. They are friendly to other races unless they are forced to fight them, but otherwise they are rescuers and defenders.

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Hunter Biology

Hunter Culture

Hunter History

Hunter Factions

Hunter Tech

Hunter Stories

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Author of Hunters is Roke Eagle (Male, Latvian).


Chucklefish Forums


A Race That Shouldn't Exist: Hunters (ARTSEH)

Discord Server: Roke's Work

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Hunter Biology (Completely change it to be more understandable or so)

Hunter Culture

Hunter History

Hunter Factions (The Alliance Factions)

Hunter Tech

Hunter Stories

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Everything in this page is for author (Roke Eagle) to edit himself. For now you have no fanart page and won't have a fanfic page. Thank you for reading. More about Hunters on the way.

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